What happens next after we purchase one of your vacation getways?
An email confirmation letter is sent directly to you for selected resort. This letter will confirm your vacation getaway purchase; and it contains the resort’s information, including their Reservation Department for booking assistance, and Customer Service for any unanswered questions you may have about your resort stay.
What is a resort preview presentation?
Your selected resort will schedule a time while you are visiting the resort to participate in a preview presentation of all of the resort’s amenities & benefits. You are not under any obligation to purchase anything, however you must attend the 60-120 minute presentation. The preview is fun, informative, and something your entire family will enjoy.
Can we add additional nights to our vacation getaway?
Yes, after purchasing your getaway vacation, additional nights are available at a discounted rate depending on your travel dates. Simply call 1-800-997-2029 our vacation specialists will handle your travel needs.
Who do we call to choose our travel dates?
Simply call 1-800-997-2029 and they will book your reservation request.
Who do we contact for anything we need pertaining to our vacation getaway?
Simply call the resort’s Reservation Department or Customer Service Department and they will handle your travel needs; including adding additional family members, more nights, a car rental, airport pickup, to discuss special needs, and other questions you may have.
Your vacation getaways are advertised for 2 adults & 2 children. What do we do if we have more family members?
Simply call 1-800-997-2029 Monday Through Friday (9 am - 9 pm) est and our vacation specialists will work with you to accommodate additional family members for a fee. These costs vary by resort, so please be sure to ask your selected resort what their charge for extra guests are.
Package accommodations are for 2 adults & 2 children. What do we do if we have fewer family members?
The resort accommodations we offer have enough room for up to 4 people on average. If you have less members in your party, then you enjoy more space!
How long do we have after purchase to use our vacation getaway?
For your convenience, each of our resort destinations allows you up to 12 months from the date of purchase to select your travel dates and enjoy your vacation getaway.
What are resort fees and taxes?
The resort fees and taxes are government fees collected by your selected resort and they typically range from $5 to $29 per night, per family.
Can more than one family travel together on vacation?
Most of our resorts don’t encourage group travel at the wholesale price. In most situations, more than two families are not encouraged to travel together.
Do we need a passport to leave the country?
Yes, and we recommend that you contact the U.S. Department of State to provide your passport documents.
How do I qualify for the resort preview presentation?
The resort’s determine the eligibility requirements for each vacation getaway and you can call our vacation specialists at 1-800-997-2029 or at the bottom of each special hotel offer web page listed “Terms & Conditions”

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